Birthday Offer

Every day, at 11 AM Eastern we send out the birthday notification & reward to your guests who have registered their birth date on the app. They can only receive the birthday reward once per 365 days. The birthday reward will automatically expire 1 week after their birthday at 11:59 PM on the 7th day.

If their date of birth on the account is wrong, they can contact us via the app to fix the date. 

How to create the birthday reward:

  1. Log into the Hazlnut dashboard and click on 'Loyalty' 
  2. Click to 'Create a Reward'
  3. Make sure Birthday is selected ✓ 
  4. Enter a Reward name: "Happy Birthday!"
  5. Enter a Description that describes what this reward can be used for...
  6. Enter a Notification Message to appear on the homescreen and notification center of their phone. If the user has notifications disabled, don't worry! It will still appear in their app inbox.
  7. Enter the Max. Value and Type for this reward:
    1. For $5 off, enter 5.00 and select the "Dollar" type
    2. For 10% off, enter 10.00 and select the "Percent" type
  8. Select what this reward Applies To:
    1. For the whole order, select "Order"
    2. If it applies to only one item, select "Item"
      1. Now you can select the items it works for. This can be any item within a category, or a chosen few items.
  9. Optional: Item purchase required? - Chose the required item if customers can only get the reward if they buy something else. For example, "Free french fries with the purchase of an Entree"
  10. Optional: Min. Order Amount - Add an amount if customers must spend a certain amount before they can qualify for the reward. For example, "10% off your order of $20 or more."

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