Can I track inventory?

For limited-stock items, use the inventory tracking feature to change the stock status when in-store or Hazlnut orders reach a certain threshold.

  1. On the Hazlnut dashboard, click 'Modify' next to the item that needs to be tracked.
  2. Make sure 'In-Stock' AND 'Track Inventory' are both set to YES
  3. Be sure to save your changes!
  4. (Repeat for all applicable items)
  5. Log into your PoS, and update the stock quantities
    1. For Clover PoS: go to Inventory Setup on your Clover dashboard, and make sure Track Stock & Have Clover auto-decrement stock count are both check-marked ✓
    2. The inventory won't begin tracking through Hazlnut until the stock number has been changed. If the current number is 8, we recommend changing it to a lower number, like 7, so you have a backup just in case!
    3. Manually entering the number 0 will nullify & disable Hazlnut inventory tracking, please enter a negative number (-2) for an item that is unavailable.

Always make sure these numbers are up-to-date. Sometimes an item is set to a high number, but after a month the item reaches negative stock on PoS which will appear as unavailable or out-of-stock on the app and online ordering site.