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How do customers earn points?

Logged in on the app

While logged-in, points are added automatically for every pre-paid purchase made through the app. Customers will not earn any points when selecting a 'Cash' or 'Pay at Store' tender; they would need to scan at the time of pickup, or add their order ID to the app as detailed below...  

Scan In-Store

If they would like to accumulate points while in the store:
  • Ask your customer to log into the app
  • At the top of the side-bar menu click on “Loyalty Rewards”
  • Click on ‘Earn’
  • Scan that QR code on the store’s device at check-out
      • Make sure you scan at the END of the order when their items are all correct and just before they pay
      • Notification will pop up in the bottom of the POS stating "XXX points earned"
      • If the order is already paid, see the next step "Forgot to Scan"

Forgot to Scan

If they weren’t logged in when they placed their order or forgot to scan their points in-person:
  • They can log-in on the app
  • At the top of the side-bar menu click on “Loyalty Rewards”
  • On the top right, there is a button that says “Forgot Scan”
  • This will prompt them to enter their order ID shown at the bottom of the printed receipt and to select the location they ordered from.

Points expire & cannot be added after 7 days (167 hours after purchase date & time) 
Be sure they enter the ORDER ID or CLOVER ID... Not the payment ID, transaction ID or barcode #
Be careful with numbers & letters that look similar (e.g. 0/O; 0/D; 8/B; 1/I)