How do I create loyalty rewards?


The most successful rewards programs are those that have multiple tiers! 

Who doesn't love visiting the arcade and exchanging their well-earned tickets for an array of prizes? The best arcades have multiple options to choose from:

  • 10 tickets = lollipop, eraser, green paratrooper toy, bubbles, pencil
  • 100 tickets = temporary tattoo, finger trap, friendship bracelet, full-sized candy bar
  • 500 tickets = small plush toy, novelty hat, foam finger, large whoopie cushion
  • 750 tickets = water gun, $10 food voucher, medium bouncy ball
  • 1000 tickets = large plush toy, full-sized poster, plastic racketball kit
  • 5000 tickets = skateboard, sports jersey, tie-dye kit, Nerf-gun

Think of your rewards program like this, and you'll see how positively your customers will react. By gamifying their experience, you are encouraging them to return and buy more so they can earn more... 

How to create the reward(s):

  1. Log-in on the Hazlnut dashboard
  2. Go to the ‘Loyalty’ tab
  3. Click on the ‘Rewards’ tab
  4. Click ‘Create Reward’
  5. Give the Reward a name & description 
  6. Enter the amount of points required to earn this reward
  7. Enter the max. value to indicate how much it will take off the price/total
  8. Choose dollars off or percentage off price/total
  9. Applies to: (Here, you can decide if the reward applies to the entire order, or just to certain items in the order.)
    1. To only apply discount to certain items:
      1. 'ANY (1-5) of these' – The coupon will apply to any of the categories or items you choose, but only up to the # you select (AKA customers must place 3 items into their cart from the selection you provide)
      2. 'EXACTLY (1-5) of these' – The coupon will apply to exactly the categories or items you choose, but the customer must choose the amount you selected (AKA customers must put all those items in the selection you provide meeting the exact quantity specified – exactly 3 Corona Beers + 3 Mozzarella Sticks + 3 Veggie Wraps)
      3. You can decide to what this reward applies by category or by item name 
        1. Entire category: If you wish to allow the reward to apply to all drinks, select the category for drinks.
        2. Only certain items: If you want the reward apply to certain drinks,  check-off the applicable items)
    2. Order types?
      1.  Does the reward apply to a specific order type (I.e. pick-up, delivery, curbside, all)?
  10. Item purchase required?
    1. Does the customer need to buy something else before the discount is valid?
    2. e.g. "Free drink when you order our Chips & Guac" the Chips & Guac item will be the purchased item required and the reward itself is for the free drink. 
  11. Loyalty Icon
    1. We pre-added a wrapped gift icon for you, but if you decide to upload a custom icon, select the "Upload Custom" option and scroll down to choose a file.
    2. See specifications below
  12. Additional qualifiers?
      1. Does the customer need to meet a certain subtotal before the reward can qualify? (e.g. Order total must be $5.00 to receive a free drink) - Most people don’t set this up.
  13. Click ‘Create'
  14. Repeat until you've created a multi-tiered loyalty program!

      Reach out to our team at if you want to upgrade your package to include the loyalty program.

      Rewards will only work when the item/category is set to show online.

      The customer must put this item into their cart in order for the rewards to apply the discount on it. 


      Loyalty Reward Icon

      This icon appears when they redeem a reward. The default icon we provide is a wrapped gift, but you can upload your own icon(s) as well. Please be sure they meet these exact requirements to avoid any errors with your loyalty program

      • Image must be WHITE with a transparent background
      • Image must be square at 1000 × 1000 pixels resolution or a 1:1 ratio
      • PNG are the only file types accepted
      • File should be less than 500 KB in size