How do I gift my guests with a reward?

Say thank you & celebrate occasions in a special way! Use the Guests tab to send a special reward to your customers...

How to create the reward(s):

  1. Log-in on the Hazlnut dashboard
  2. Go to the ‘Guests’ tab
  3. Click on the ‘Rewards’ tab
  4. Click ‘Create Reward’
  5. Give the Reward a name & description 
  6. Enter the amount to indicate how much it will take off the price/total
  7. Choose dollars off or percentage off price/total
  8. Applies to: (Here, you can decide if the reward applies to the entire order, or just to certain items in the order.)
    1. To only apply discount to certain items:
      1. 'ANY (1-5) of these' – The coupon will apply to any of the categories or items you choose, but only up to the # you select (AKA customers must place 3 items into their cart from the selection you provide)
      2. 'EXACTLY (1-5) of these' – The coupon will apply to exactly the categories or items you choose, but the customer must choose the amount you selected (AKA customers must put all those items in the selection you provide meeting the exact quantity specified – exactly 3 Corona Beers + 3 Mozzarella Sticks + 3 Veggie Wraps)
      3. You can decide to what this reward applies by category or by item name 
        1. Entire category: If you wish to allow the reward to apply to all drinks, select the category for drinks.
        2. Only certain items: If you want the reward apply to certain drinks,  check-off the applicable items)
    2. Order types?
      1.  Does the reward apply to a specific order type (I.e. pick-up, delivery, curbside, all)?
  9. Item purchase required?
    1. Does the customer need to buy something else before the discount is valid? (e.g. "Free drink when you order our Chips & Guac" the Chips & Guac item will be the purchased item required)
  10. Additional qualifiers?
      1. Does the customer need to meet a certain subtotal before the reward can qualify? (e.g. Order total must be $5.00 to receive a free drink) - Most people don’t set this up.
  11. Click ‘Create'

    How to send it to your guest(s):

    1. Go to the 'Guests' tab
    2. For specific app user(s)
      1. Click the check box on the guest(s) you would like to send a special reward to
      2. You can use the 'Refine Results' too filter your results
    3. For ALL app users
      1. Change the 'Results per page' to 'ALL'
      2. Scroll to the bottom 
      3. Click 'Check All'
    4. Click on the 'Reward' button at the very bottom of the page
    5. Indicate which location this reward will work at (most leave it for 'All Locations')
    6. Select the reward that you created
    7. Enter your Redeem-On/start date & Expires-On/end date
    8. Provide the quantity of this reward that you'd like to send to everyone or this person. For 
    9. If you would like to include a notification, click the check-box and enter a special message. Be sure to keep it short & sweet!
      1. It is recommended to stay below 200 characters. The message preview will begin cutting off at around 178 characters but can be extended to 'see more' up to 240 characters.
    10. Click SEND!

      Reach out to our team at if you want to upgrade your package to include the loyalty program.