How do I send my guests points?

Express your gratitude & celebrate occasions in a special way! Use the Guests tab to send points to your customers...

  1. Go to the 'Guests' tab
  2. For specific app user(s)
    1. Click the check box on the guest(s) you would like to send a special reward to
  3. For ALL app users
    1. Scroll to the bottom 
    2. Click 'Check All'
  4. Click on the 'Award Points' button at the very bottom of the page
  5. Type in the amount of points you would like to send
  6. If you would like to include a notification, click the check-box and enter a special message. Be sure to keep it short & sweet!
    1. It is recommended to stay below 200 characters. The message preview will begin cutting off at around 178 characters but can be extended to 'see more' up to 240 characters.
  7. Click SEND!

Reach out to our team at if you want to upgrade your package to include the loyalty program.