Category Start & End Times

Use the Start Time and End Time to create special breakfast, lunch, happy hour menus that will only display online during special hours!

  1. Log into the Hazlnut dashboard
  2. Click 'Menu'
  3. Click ‘Modify’ next to the category you would like to adjust
    • Check the 'availability' is correct (everyday is default)
      • For Taco Tuesday, change this to only show on Tuesdays
    • Check that the Start Time and End Time are correct
      • Make sure you are setting it up in your time zone & that the menu is available during your store hours. (To review this, click on 'Locations' — Location 'Short Name' — Scroll down to Hours)
      • If you would like to clear the Start and End times, please set the starting time to your store opening time, and set the end time to your store closing time.
      • Make sure it is in 24-Hour time (AKA Military time)
        • 8:00 is 8 AM... 12:00 is noon... 13:00 is 1 PM... 22:00 is 10 PM
        • Make sure start time is before ending time
          • e.g starting at 5:00 and ending at 3:00 will not work and the category will not appear... It must be starting at 5:00 and ending at 15:00
          • e.g. starting at 11:00 and ending at 11:00 will set those categories to never display as the start time = end time
    • Click 'Save'

    If you would like to set up specials for multiple days in the week, you will need to set up a separate category for each special date