Sub-Option Sets

What is a sub-option set, and how do I create one?

What is it for?

Breakfast cafes, wing shops, and all kinds of restaurants may want to require a cooking style, dressing option, or other modification for their add-ons. The sub-option set allows you to create options that will automatically pop-up a box to select those extra options.

What does it look like?

Attach it to a modifier group and it will pop out like this:



How do I create them? 

  • Log into the Hazlnut dashboard
  • Go to the Menu Management page
  • Click 'Sync PoS Menu' and wait for the sync-complete notification to pop-up
  • First check the Sub-Modifier Group you want to use exists (the one you want to pop-up)
    • Go to the Modifier Groups tab
    • Find the group you want to use (e.g. Choose 2 or Select a dressing...)
  • Go to the Modifiers tab
  • Click ‘Modify’ next to the modifier that is your base (e.g. Half & Half or Side Salad)
    • This is the modifier that when a customer clicks on it, the pop-up will be triggered to appear
  • Click ‘Option Sets’
  • Click ‘Add Option Set’
  • Look for the modifier group you want to pop-up (e.g. Choose 2 or Select a dressing...)
  • Select your settings
    • Required? - Will customers be forced to select an option before they can add this to their cart
    • Quant Slider? - Can they select this modifier in multiples 
    • Minimum - 0 if not required, 1+ if required
    • Maximum - 999 if unlimited, or select the max. amount they can add 

    Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 1.11.50 PM