Create a new category

  • Add the new items with the correct price to your POS system
  • Log into the Hazlnut dashboard
  • Click ‘Menu’
  • Click ‘Sync POS Menu’
    • Wait for the successful-sync notification to appear

Remember, syncing PoS menu will not attach modifiers to items and will not automatically display them as available for online sale. You can start working on your new/seasonal menu months in advance without ever showing it to your customers!

  • Find or create your new category and make sure the 'Show Online?' display to 'YES' 
    • Scroll down to make sure all the correct items are in this category
  • Go to the modifiers tab to make sure they all synched over
    • Here you can add free modifiers that weren't added on Clover
    • By clicking 'Modify' next to modifiers, you can rename them if necessary (e.g. xtra chz = Extra Cheese)
  • Go to the modifier groups tab to add the modifiers to a group and change their display orders
    • Click 'Modify' next to the groups that need to be set up.
    • Here, you can also rename the modifier group to say something else for your customers! (e.g. burrito mod = Optional)
  • Go to the items tab
  • Click ‘Modify’ next to all the new items you would like to show
    • Change the 'Show Online' setting to ‘ON’ 
    • Check that this item is in the correct category
    • Make sure to scroll to the bottom to attach those option sets you created in the modifier groups tab!
    • While you're there, make any other changes you need like changing the displayed name, setting requirements/limits to add-on option sets, and more!
  • Click ‘Save’
  • Go to the categories tab
  • Click ‘Modify’ next to the new category you would like to edit
    • Here you can add a description, create an availability schedule by days and times (in your local time zone), change the item display order, and make sure all the items in said category are displaying. [Item will say  'not displayed ' to indicate it will not show up online]

Category will not display unless item 'Show Online' display is turned on & category 'Show Online' display is on