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Why are the changes not updating on the app or website?

How to see live updates as you are saving changes.

Keep in mind, only changes made on Hazlnut will reflect online.

When synching Clover changes to Hazlnut, they will not be "organized" in the same way. The sync will pull in your inventory, but the changes still need to be made on Hazlnut in order to change online appearances. 

To update your Hazlnut menu, please visit this FAQ section.

Only price changes on Clover are immediately reflected to your online platform when they are synched to Hazlnut since prices cannot be changed on Hazlnut. 

To view your changes: 

On a desktop browser: clear your Hazlnut cache or recent browsing history. Refresh the page and try again.

On the app: click ‘back’ until you reach the map page, then check your menu again for those updates/changes you made.

Make sure you are saving each time you make changes.

As long as you are saving your changes, these changes will automatically save and publish to the customer end-point. While the online ordering app or site is open, updates will not force a page refresh. Oftentimes, our web browser tries to be too smart and will store memory of your browsing history to speed-up future refresh rates.

Make sure you are making changes to items with display ‘ON’ from Hazlnut.