How do I add/edit free modifiers on Hazlnut?

It's helpful to understand the modifiers tab when creating free modifiers.

Free modifiers can be created from the Hazlnut dashboard and you can assign a PoS name to distinguish between them. They can be used to distinguish between soda flavors, spice levels, cooking temperature. They can also be used in a pre-checked 'Comes with' modifier group to be de-selected to remove ingredients from a food item.

  1. Log into the Hazlnut dashboard
  2. Click ‘Menu’
  3. Go to the modifiers tab
  4. Click 'Add Modifier'
  5. Assign a Displayed Name and a PoS Name
    1. The names can be the same, but the PoS name will help you distinguish between them from the back-end. For example, if you sell fountain, canned and glass bottle sodas: 
      1. Displayed Name for all three can be = 'Cherry Cola'
      2. PoS Names would be = 'cherry cola', 'cherry cola can', 'cherry cola glass'

Be sure to save your changes. To see the published updates: clear your Hazlnut cache or recent browsing history before refreshing the page.

  • Click ‘Modify’ next to all the new modifiers you would like to edit
    • Here you can clean up the displayed name of the modifier (PoS names can only be changed on your PoS after created/synched)
    • If you run out of a side/sauce/ingredient you can hide it from customers to ensure they don’t order it. Simply change the 'Show Online?'  to NO

Whenever you have these available again, please remember to update the display to ‘ON’