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How do I create the default 'Comes with' modifier group?

If certain items on your menu come with default ingredient options, you can set those up to be preselected. If a customer wishes to remove an ingredient, all they have to do is deselect the modifier and the receipt will show 'NO ___'

  1. Create the modifiers
    1. Log into the Hazlnut dashboard
    2. Go to 'Menu' and make sure you are editing the correct location
    3. Go to the 'Modifiers' tab
    4. Check if you already have an existing modifier of that name...
      1. You can use ⌘ + F or CTRL + F to search the page for your needed modifier. Click the arrows to review multiple search results.
    5. If not, please add these mods on your PoS and sync them to Hazlnut then return to step 1.a.
  2. Create the modifier group
    1. Go to the 'Modifier Groups' tab
    2. First, check if the group you need already exists
    3. If not, click 'Add Mod. Group'
    4. Make sure display is 'ON'
    5. Displayed Name is what the customer sees (Comes with...)
    6. POS Name is what your kitchen receipt says ( _____ item defaults)
    7. Scroll down and click 'Add Mod.'
    8. Check off all the modifiers & click 'Add Mod'
    9. Drag and drop to change the display order (Be sure to click 'Update Order' and 'Save'
  3. Attach the modifier group to an item
    1. Go to the 'Items' tab
    2. Find your intended item and click 'Modify'
    3. Scroll down to the bottom and click 'Add Option Set'
    4. Find the intended modifier group(s) and click the checkbox next to it
    5. Here you should set up your requirements:
      1. Is it required? YES/NO
      2. Minimum required: 0 if optional (like add-ons), 1 if required (like cooking temperature)
      3. Maximum allowed (999 if there is no limit, or set the number of your choosing)
    6. Click 'Add Options'
    7. Click 'Modify' next to this group
    8. Check off all the defaults so they are pre-selected for the customer ✓ 
    9. Click 'Save'
    10. Repeat for all items you are attaching this modifier group to

To see these changes come into effect on the live OLO link, please be sure to clear your recent browsing history or Hazlnut cache before refreshing the page. On the app, simply click back to the map or exit the app before refreshing the menu.

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