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How do I show & hide my mod. groups?

If you want to quickly remove an option set from an item, you can hide it from customer view to ensure they don’t order it. Simply change the 'Show Online?' to NO:

  1. Log into the Hazlnut dashboard & go to the 'Menu' section
  2. Click on the 'Modifier Group' tab
  3. Search for the modifier group and change the "Show Online?" toggle to blue (ON) or grey (OFF)
  4. Or, you can also click 'Modify' next to the modifier group you wish to edit
    1. Set 'Show Online?' to YES if you want this to be available and visible
    2. Set 'Show Online?" to NO if you want to hide/remove this group
  5. Remember to save your changes!

Keep in mind, this will hide the group of options from all items it is attached to. If you only want to remove it from one item, check out this article...