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How do I edit my modifier group settings?

  1. On the Hazlnut dashboard: click on Menu ≡ and then click the 'Menu' tab to access the menu management page
  2. Go to the 'Items' tab
  3. Find the item this group is already attached to and click 'Modify'
  4. Scroll down to the bottom
  5. Find the intended modifier group(s) and click 'Modify' pencil next to it
  6. Here you should set up your requirements:
    1. Is it required? YES/NO
      1. For items that are free with priced modifiers to choose the size/meat/etc. make sure you set that option set to be required so customers don't check-out with a free item. 
    2. Minimum required: 0 if optional (like add-ons), 1 if required (like cooking temperature)
    3. Maximum allowed: 999 if there is no limit (like paid extra toppings), 1 if only one option can be chosen (like cooking temperature), or set the number of your choosing (like 2 if you can only pick 2 sides)
    4. Quant Slider
    5. Defaults
    6. Display Order
  7. Click 'Save'
  8. Repeat for all items you need to edit this modifier group for.

      To see these changes come into effect on the live OLO link, please be sure to clear your recent browsing history or Hazlnut cache before refreshing the page. On the app, simply click back to the map or exit the app before refreshing the menu.