Move items to a new/different category

Find or create a new category

  • Add the new items with the correct price to your POS system
  • Log into the Hazlnut dashboard
  • Click ‘Menu’
  • Click ‘Sync POS Menu’
    • Wait for the successful-sync notification to appear

Remember, syncing PoS menu will not attach modifiers to items and will not automatically display them as available for online sale. You can start working on your new/seasonal menu months in advance without ever showing it to your customers!

  • Find or create your new category
  • Make sure the 'Show Online?' display to 'YES' 

    Move the items

    • Go to the items tab
    • Click ‘Modify’ next to all the items you would like to move
      • Make sure the 'Show Online' setting is ‘ON’ 
      • Check that this item is in the correct category (click the drop-down box and scroll to move the item to a different category) 

    Category will not display unless item 'Show Online' display is turned on & category 'Show Online' display is on