What can I do to reward my customers?

Learn more about loyalty program functionality, segmentation, promo-codes, and download offers!

Loyalty Program

From the dashboard, you can create a tier of rewards that users can redeem using points they've accumulated over time. Successful reward programs have multiple tiers a user can work their way up to...

  • 100 pts = $1 off your next purchase
  • 250 pts = free drink (up to $5.00)
  • 500 pts = free appetizer with the purchase of an entree
  • 1000 pts = 20% off your next purchase
  • 5000 pts = free t-shirt or mug with a valid purchase


Our loyalty program also allows you to send special notifications & create rewards to be gifted to individual users, certain segmented groups of users, or all users with an active account! All you need is their registered username or email!

  • If you know someone's anniversary is approaching, you can send them a reward to use during their next visit and congratulate them with a custom notification/message.
  • Say thanks to specific groups of customers in special ways
    • Check off a handful of users to add to a segment you've created
    • Set rules to generate a segment of users by age or gender, join dates, number of visits, or spending-averages
  • On special dates, you can push a reward to everybody to celebrate a festivity (like the 10-year anniversary of your business)


    The online ordering page does not prompt customers to log-in, therefore they cannot use rewards here... However, you can create promo-codes that can work on the online ordering page AND the app. This promo-code can apply to a specific item, category, or the entire order! This can be used to thank & reward your veterans, senior citizens, or other customers.  

    Download Offers

    When customers download your app & register for the first time, you can thank them with a special reward! You can create this from your dashboard, be sure you know the following: 

    • What are you offering? (e.g. $5.00 off your purchase)
    • When will it expire? (Expires 14 days after download)
    • How long will this offer run? (Offer will run for 6 months)

    Birthday Offers

    Send your customers a notification and gift on their birthday. When customers create an account, it is optional to provide their birthday. As a fail-safe, customers cannot update the birthday from the app, and they must contact support to change it for them if it is wrong. On top of that, customers cannot earn more than 1 birthday reward within a 365 day period. 


    Reach out to our team at sales@hazlnut.com if you want to upgrade your package to include the loyalty program.

    (The Hazlnut ALL-IN or App-Only packets include a loyalty program that you can use to show your customers how much you appreciate their patronage. Our Online-Only package does not include the loyalty program.)